Description of the painting Victor Popkov Two

Description of the painting Victor Popkov Two

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Victor Popkov's painting “Two” depicts the relationship between a man and a woman. But the sweet love note in this work is completely absent. Here, the artist decided to show how complicated the relationship of people is. The canvas depicts a couple, clearly located on the verge of a gap, but have not yet crossed this line.

The artist managed to achieve this effect with the help of the contrast between a fair-skinned woman dressed in a snow-white dress and a tanned bronze figure of a man. At the same time, the figure of a man is highlighted along the contour with light, and the female figure is framed by a shadow.

Their gradual alienation is perfectly conveyed by the compositional arrangement of the figures. Each of them occupies its own part of the canvas, while a lot of space remains between them. It becomes clear that the heroes have long lived in their own worlds and do not allow each other there. In this case, the heroine lies face up, and her man buried down.

However, the emotional closeness between these people is felt. This is conveyed thanks to the green environment in which the heroes are placed. The conditional space is as if created by radiation emanating from the heroes and expresses their spiritual connection.

Thanks to the conditional background, the situation depicted in the picture has no place for action and therefore acquires symbolism. The artist, as it were, turns a particular into a general, and situationality into a constant phenomenon.

The Italian film "Beggar" inspired this work of the Artist, namely the scene where two lovers at a respectable age run away to hide from the eyes of strangers. This scene was fully reflected in the initial outline of the work, hastily drawn on the back of a geographical map.

On it two were depicted, lying on an unknown surface. This haste reflects Popkov’s principle as soon as possible to compose a future work until inspiration has evaporated and the tension created by the strong first impression of the film scene has disappeared.

However, the artist was not going to simply transfer to the canvas a scene from the above film. It was just a motive that inspired the creator of his work. Therefore, “Two” is a very laconic canvas, at the same time overflowing with emotions and almost completely devoid of literature. This picture has almost become a symbol of the transfer of a huge amount of emotions and experiences using the very minimum of pictorial means.

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