Description of the painting by Pavel Bryullov Landscape with a river

Description of the painting by Pavel Bryullov Landscape with a river

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The creative legacy of the artist-wanderer Pavel Alexandrovich Bryullov is small. He left behind only a few versatile works of style, but you can easily notice the remarkable artistic talent of the painter. In this, apparently, the hereditary genes were fully manifested - the genius Karl Bulbulov was his uncle.

Among the artist’s paintings, a canvas with a view of the magnificent Central Russian nature - “Landscape with a River”, created in 1900 in the style of realism, stands out especially. Bryullov considered the main goal of his work to show the surrounding life on the canvas as he sees it - without embellishing anything or adding his own touches and emotions.

The canvas overlooks one of the many corners of the discreet Russian nature of the middle lane. In front of the viewer is an amazing view of a narrow, winding river. The shores are covered with dense, diverse greenery: wildflowers, shrubs, dense forest on both banks.

In the lower part of the canvas, a calm stream of the river is clearly visible - soft, barely noticeable wave movements leisurely carry clean, clear water.

In the even surface of the river, like in a huge mirror, coastal vegetation is reflected - the trees tend to water, as if trying to drink fresh moisture from a living source.

In the center of the picture on a coastal islet, a peasant is fishing. His tense pose makes it clear that in a moment the long-awaited catch will fall into the bait. The fisherman on the river is not alone: ​​a little upstream, on the opposite bank there are several peasants resting by the water. Children have fun splashing in the water, a woman patiently awaits them on the shore. Nearby, two more bathers have already enjoyed the water treatment and are busy dressing in dry clothes.

Nature in the picture conveys a sense of peace, silence and peace. In the sky, weightless marshmallows clustered serene clouds, the air is filled with river and forest smells.

The main color tone of the canvas is green. However, in nature, this color has several shades. The breadth of the palette depends on the type of plants: flowers, grass, foliage on trees, evergreen shrubs have a different green color. Bulbulov amazingly subtly managed to convey the diverse color of summer greenery, the transition from the dark tone of the coastal trees to the forest tops highlighted by the sun's rays in the upper part of the canvas looks especially impressive.

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