Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky, “Family business with a justice of the peace”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky, “Family business with a justice of the peace”

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In the picture - a domestic genre scene. The plot of the work is taken from life - the scene of the trial Makovsky saw during the trip the Oryol province.

In the foreground, two - a simple peasant and a representative of power, a justice of the peace.

A young man in front of a judge’s table - apparently, a civil defendant. Clothing corresponds to the importance of the moment - a clean, clearly ceremonial, white shirt, boots (in everyday life, peasants wore other shoes, or did without them at all). The pose expresses excitement and attention - the guy holds the shirt belt with both hands, his head is slightly inclined to the judge.

His family came to the justice of the peace with the guy - an elderly couple (most likely, the respondent’s parents) and a young woman with a baby in their arms froze waiting on the right side of the picture, off the table.

The costumes accurately reproduce the features of the local Russian outfit. The young woman looks especially festive - her multi-tiered clothes, a sophisticated headdress accentuates the solemnity of the moment.

The family was in a close group at a respectful distance from the table.

In the background of the canvas is a group of people awaiting their turn. Perhaps these are relatives or neighbors who came to support the defendant.

The justice of the peace is expressively represented. A respectable middle-aged gentleman is dressed in a strict suit - the civil service obliges. Judging by the numerous documents on the table in front of the judge, he takes his activities seriously: he carefully listens to the defendant, asks questions on the merits of the case, takes an interest in circumstances. The table is covered with green cloth, traditional for public places, on the table there is a neat pile of legal literature.

The magistrate in the image of the author is a representative of the Russian intelligentsia, sympathizing with the plight of the peasants.

On the right side of the picture, near the door, another servant is depicted - probably an assistant lawyer. He is completely absorbed in the work - he is not distracted by what is happening around him, he is working on the next petition.

The canvas stops looking, it would be desirable to consider it in detail, slowly peering at every little thing, thinking about options for completing a case study.

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