Description of the painting by Martiros Saryan “Street. Noon. Constantinople

Description of the painting by Martiros Saryan “Street. Noon. Constantinople

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Martiros Saryan is an artist born in southern Russia. Here he graduated from art school and wrote his first works, which did not receive much success. At 21, the young artist decided to go to his homeland, to Armenia, and then to the East. From this time began the worldwide fame of the artist. The painting "Street. Constantinople ”was written just on one of these trips.

The artist, who grew up in cold, gloomy Russia, was incredibly shocked and amazed at the variety of colors that he saw in the countries of the East. In this picture we can see an incredible riot of colors that so captivated the artist.

Before us is a small street of Constantinople. Apparently, an order is already nearing. The sky was still bright blue, almost blue, but the roofs of the houses were already painted with bright orange stripes of the setting sun.

The artist depicts urban buildings mainly in blue tones. Here and there, ocher or some green shades are added to the palette. Apparently, the artist wanted to show us that in the East the blue sky is so bright that it is reflected in the facades of houses. Such species are simply impossible to find in Russia - the climate is not the same. And Turkey, Egypt, those countries where the artist visited, are full of such rich colors.

The sky depicted by the artist seems to be bottomless, endless and very deep. There is no color mixing - a solid blue tint creates a sense of infinity of the sky. A striking contrast is the road depicted in the center of the work. An orange-buffy strip tapering into the distance. Bright elongated triangle, ripping the picture into two parts. There is practically no life on this scorched earth. Only sometimes there are several local women dressed in long Muslim clothes. In the middle of the road is a donkey with a load on its back.

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