Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Chapel on the seashore"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Painted in oil on canvas in 1847. It is stored in the Tver Regional Art Gallery, Tver, Russia.

The 40s were incredibly fruitful for the artist. XIX century At that time, he traveled a lot and tried to show as many scenes as he could in his paintings. Judging by the clothes of people reminiscent of traditional Italian outfits, and, rather, the Catholic cross on the roof of the chapel, a romantic landscape of sunny Italy is presented here. The words of the painter that a true master should be able to draw from memory are well suited to this warm and elevated canvas.

As often happens in the artist’s works, the foreground is darker and heavier. On a hill there is a chapel pillar with a niche for the sculpture of the saint, beautifully overgrown with climbing plants. Travelers came to him to pray for a good road or to thank for a safe return. With their help, the general proportions of the panorama become visible.

Closer to the shore is the southern port city, hidden by bluish shades and lush greenery - you can see only the fortress tower with a flying flag and the masts of moored ships on the pier, thin at this distance. They are echoed reaching up to the dark green cypresses.

Two thirds of the canvas is majestic sky. A light haze of clouds hid the hot sun, giving beautiful color combinations. The sky shines with transparent golden, pinkish and lilac colors. It is reflected in a pastel, calm sea, along which an elegant multi-masted sailboat slowly moves. To the right, closer to the line of an almost indistinguishable horizon, cumulus clouds similar to the silhouettes of mountains gradually block the light.

Despite the presence of obvious contrasts, the composition is well thought out, and its three horizontal parts (celestial, marine and terrestrial) are connected by the verticals of buildings, trees and ship structures to support the sails.

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