Description of the painting Karl Pavlovich Bryullov "Turkish woman"

Description of the painting Karl Pavlovich Bryullov

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The portrait, painted by the artist, expresses the level of his skill and the ability to feel and convey nature. Portraits of Karl Bryullov are distinguished not only by a high level of technology, but also by a spectrum of emotions, a soul embedded in the canvas.

The girl depicted on the canvas is so expressive and beautiful that the background behind her did not need to be darkened at all. The bright background of the color of ocher does not hide the girl at all, she attracts attention original and involuntary. The beautiful white face of the oriental beauty is decorated with a slight blush on her cheeks, and the light gently shines on her forehead. The girl’s dark beautiful eyes fascinate, and the light flickers playfully in her eyes. The main character’s gaze is directed somewhere to the side, it becomes clear that her thoughts are hovering somewhere in the clouds. The clear eyes of the girl convey her inner world, it becomes clear that she is kind, clean, open.

Smoothly curved girl's lips are slightly stretched in a smile, which indicates a good mood and calmness. A light face is framed by dark hair - such a beautiful contrast attracts every artist. The woman's hair is collected in a national headdress, which hints at the origin of the oriental beauty. The golden fabric contains red flowers in harmony with the bright background of the image. The threads hanging from the edges of the headgear, carelessly fall on the shoulder and arm of a beautiful woman, propping her head. A white, almost sparkling dress creates a contrast with a black cloak containing a golden ornament. The blue sheets on which the heroine lies enrich the color palette of the overall composition, create variety and brightness.

The image conveyed by the artist is not copied directly from nature, but is the embodiment of those warm feelings that the author feels after being in Turkey. The tenderness, sensuality, splendor of an oriental beauty - all this was skillfully conveyed by the artist in one of his best paintings.

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