Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “The Way to Shambhala”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich “The Way to Shambhala”

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The artist managed to combine several ideas and designs in one work. The first thing we see when looking at this picture is the mountains. For Nicholas Roerich, mountains were sacred creations of nature itself. He was sure that a great secret was hidden in them that would help all of humanity. The painting "The Way to Shambhala" is part of a series of works devoted to the Himalayas. Roerich and his wife spent many years traveling in India, China, Tibet. And wherever they were, he saw mountains. It was they who inspired Roerich to write this work.

But besides the image of the mountains, we see a hidden message, which is contained in the title of the work “The Way to Shambhala”. During his travels in Asia, Roerich learned about the magnificent state of Shambhala. He is not on the map, no one knows where it is. All references to this mysterious country Roerich learned from books and legends. It is believed that if you find Shambhala, then humanity will gain great knowledge. It was this legend that the master tried to depict on the canvas.

It is believed that the entrance to a lost and forgotten country is located inside Mount Kanchenjunga. It is likely that it was this mountain that the artist decided to depict. Thus, the creator seems to bring us closer to a great solution. We look at the mountains, and we understand that a great secret is hidden in them, which will soon be revealed.

Nicholas Roerich, when writing this work, decided to move away from the usual cold palette. Here we see that cool colors are combined with a warm range of colors. But there is no contrast. The colors blend perfectly with each other, mix and harmoniously convey amazing shades of the Himalayas.

In the foreground, completely dark mountains are depicted, almost black. Sunlight does not reach them. A little off, beyond the great ocean of fog, is the very mountain of Kanchenjunga. The top of the mountain is softly lit by the hot sun. The mountains shine, attract and attract the eye. Portraying the solar glow, the artist wanted to show that it was this mountain that is the key to unraveling secrets.

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