Description of the painting by Alexander Makovsky “Portrait of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna”

Description of the painting by Alexander Makovsky “Portrait of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna”

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The portrait was painted in 1914. The picture can be seen in the State Historical Museum.

Generated image of the character is a traditional method of creating ceremonial portraits of significant persons, common in Russian painting. Portraits of members of the imperial family were often painted, painters - each in his own way - tried to capture noble persons as expressively and more accurately as possible.

The last Russian empress appears on Makovsky’s canvas as a pretty lady dressed in a beautiful white dress.

The head is decorated with a diadem with diamonds and sapphires. Cornflowers and lilies of a flower ornament - a symbol of imperial power.

Hair is carefully collected in a hairstyle, only a naughty short curl has beaten out on a high forehead. Facial expression reflects the character of Alexandra Fedorovna - restraint and patience. Interestingly, such an expression can be seen in numerous photographs of the royal family - the wife of Nicholas II appears before the viewer without a smile, with deeply hidden, hidden sadness in his eyes.

Of the jewelry, in addition to the diadem, there are small rounded earrings, a pair of bracelets and a ring. White fur is lowered from one shoulder - only the woman's crossed arms keep him from falling.

It can be assumed that the white dress made of fine silk with a beautifully decorated bodice belongs to the empress’s output wardrobe - it is known that in everyday life her clothes were simple, comfortable.

Alexandra Fedorovna is depicted against the backdrop of nature, it can be assumed that the painter chose a palace park for the background of the painting. Against the background of the thick shadow of the trees, the female figure looks especially expressive.

The inner world of the royal person is as close as possible to the public, Makovsky tries to show her humanity, modesty, and shyness in his heroine. Hostility of the society, accusations of espionage, every second struggle for the life of his only son - a difficult fate did not allow him to show his pain and fatigue, the high rank did not allow public manifestation of emotions. Or maybe - this is a prediction of their own tragic fate.

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