Description of the painting by Edward Munch "Ripening"

Description of the painting by Edward Munch

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The teenage nude girl who found expression on Edward Munch's "Maturing" reproductions has a deep and secret meaning. The girl is located on the bed in the corner of the room. The vertical figure and image of a teenage girl is contrasted horizontally on the bed. On the left side is the main source of light that falls on the wall, highlighting the very painful thinness of a young girl.

Munch in the process of working on his painting depicted sitters who attracted and left a trace of easy vulgarity. However, if you look closely at the reproduction, you can see that there is no depravity in the picture. Munk portrayed the girl in dark colors, which symbolize his life and tragic events. The black shadow hanging over the girl portends a sinister future, and the uncertainty of maturation, which is uncertain. You can explain the shades of flowers also by the fact that the artist believed that maturation is a difficult period and process that can leave a mark on the soul of a person.

The young girl depicted in the picture acquired sexuality, but in her eyes one can read the fear of an unknown passion. The girl is trying to fence herself off from the unknown, so she opened her hands.

In the painting “Ripening,” Munch managed to combine sexuality and fright, and this picture raises many questions and desires to unravel the hidden meaning. The viewer, like the girl with impatience and fear, wants to quickly recognize the sweetness of ripening. The artist leaves the question open so that each person knows and understands this process in his own way, since for one it can be frightening, but for the other it can be a sweet expectation. What a man sees in the eyes of this girl is unknown, and this is as much a mystery as the period of maturation and youth. The most important thing is to meet this unknown with dignity.

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