Description of the painting by Alexey Venetsianov “Girl with a beetroot”

Description of the painting by Alexey Venetsianov “Girl with a beetroot”

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The painting "The Girl with the Beetroot" was painted by the artist Venetsianov no later than 1824. He was adherents of the image on canvases of household subjects. In the portraits he painted, the artist sought to reveal the humanity and inner virtues of an ordinary Russian woman. Portraits of simple peasant women make up the best part of his artistic heritage.

The painting “Girl with a Beetroot” continues a series of works in which the artist describes the various faces of ordinary Russian peasant women. The artist tirelessly peers into their bright appearance, trying to understand the complexity of character, moral nature, admiring their interesting faces.

In the portrait, the Girl with the Beetroot Venetsianov depicted an ordinary girl with a typically Russian face and regular features. Her eyebrows, slightly compressed lips and a fixed focused look indicate that she found her doing everyday work.

In the portrait, the artist depicted the girl in a half-turn, as if she had turned to his call. An energetic turn of the girl’s head in combination with a red scarf conveys the temperament of her face.

Plain discreet clothes in bed tones, emphasizes the simplicity of the origin of this girl. In her left hand she holds a beetroot (this is a vessel of cylindrical birch bark). And with the fingers of his right hand he holds the handle of a wooden spoon, lowered into this vessel. From which it can be assumed that the girl was interfering with something, and possibly whipped butter.

In the background is the background on which Venetsianov depicted part of the trunk of a large tree and foliage of shrubs on a dark background. The palette of colors is muffled, which emphasizes the late evening, conveying the industriousness of the girl.

Today, Venetsianov’s painting “The Girl with the Beetroot” is in Russia at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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