Description of the painting Bartolome Esteban Murillo “Ascension of the Virgin Mary”

Description of the painting Bartolome Esteban Murillo “Ascension of the Virgin Mary”

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The famous artist Murillo with trepidation and reverence relates to religious subjects, and the image of the Virgin Mary appears many times in the paintings. However, starting from the 1690s, the Virgin Mary loses her former warmth and kindness, takes on a general appearance. The new look of Mary is an abstract deity, which cannot be said about previous works, where she was presented by an ordinary woman with sadness in her eyes. One gets the feeling that Murillo has matured to the point where he can generalize the Virgin Mary and create a single image. The artist separated from the earthly people, and now Mary appears on a pedestal and does not particularly share the problems and bitterness of the common people.

However, the same cannot be said about the painting “Ascension of the Virgin Mary”, in which Murillo returned to his former style - an image close to ordinary people. The appearance of Mary is still simple and good-natured, she is again a young woman who looks trustingly and affectionately, light and sadness are hidden in her eyes. Openness and credulity towards people can be seen on open hands. The lines are clear, but at the same time give a feeling of warmth. The moment is presented when Mary accepts the divine designs conveyed by the archangel Gabriel. The Holy Spirit will come upon you.

You will remain protected in the shadow of the power of the Almighty. Various sources have been cited to explain how Murillo conceived this view. The artist’s oil supports elements of compositions that emphasize the picturesque backdrop, which in the future presents monumental classical architecture, illustrating the proposals of the architect Vitruvio.

This is a very thorough work, distinguishing its execution - a thin pattern made on the basis of a special product, after which it was applied to the first layer of color, coated with a subsequent oil treatment.

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