Description of the painting Vasily Polenov "Valley of the Oka"

Description of the painting Vasily Polenov

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Vasily Polenov, using his paintings, reminds us how beautiful nature is in any of its manifestations. It was landscapes that became the main motive in the artist's works. After Polinov acquired the estate near the Oka River, inspiration did not leave the author for even a minute. Being among the beautiful forests of the Tula province, Vasily Polenov presented the world with many wonderful paintings depicting various natural landscapes.

One of the main works of the artist is a painting of the Oka Valley. We have a panoramic view from a high hill to the valley along which the famous river flows. To write the picture, Polenov used oil, due to which you can consider the transparent surface of the water and the thrill of each leaf located on the trees along the sandbank.

Vasily Polenov painted many paintings, being on a protruding hill above the valley, depicting a picturesque river at different times of the year. In the Oka Valley painting, the beginning of autumn is clearly traced. We see a warm, clear day, a calm transparent river, a blue sky with white clouds over the valley. Almost everything around is shrouded in greenery, but a certain line of trees with yellowed foliage is already being traced. There is very little left and soon the sky will be covered with gray clouds, because of which the water in the river will appear dark and cloudy, and nature will turn yellow-golden. The author very accurately conveyed this inevitable feeling of change.

Looking at the picture of the Oka Valley, I want to delay a little more summer and enjoy the last warm days. The landscape does not depict people, animals or birds; there is nothing alive on it except the indescribable beauty of the Russian hinterland. Nature seemed to freeze, trying to keep this moment in the memory of everyone who watches it.

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