Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich "On the Boulevard"

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich

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For Kazimir Malevich, the 1930s were characterized by his study of the theory of impressionism. It was during this period that he wrote works that resemble in their style the impressionists from France. According to the artist, impressionism is considered the beginning and foundation of the painting of a new time.

During this period, the painter writes several paintings on tabloid topics. Thanks to his paintings, we see how he expressed his thoughts and feelings. “On the Boulevard” expresses just that. All the works of Kazimir Malevich in earlier periods are well written, even if the artist wrote this work with a sweeping, careless brushstroke. The author pursued one unique, in his opinion, main goal - to convey a promising space that goes far from the viewer.

The picture has no main characters. We learn about this even from the very name of the picture. The face of the woman depicted in the background has no clear boundaries, it is not spelled out. This is a typical image of Malevich of a woman, a young girl who decided to sit down a bit and relax on a park bench on a warm summer's day. Despite the fact that her clothes are written in a realistic manner, the viewer can not feel her character, guess her mood. This is a kind of symbolic image that the artist used to make the compositional construction of the work.

In the background is a landscape in the style of impressionism. We see beautiful trees that are painted with careless brushstrokes of blue and yellow.

People who walk in leisurely steps along the boulevard are not clearly written, it is impossible to understand what kind of faces they have, they do not have an individuality. The artist managed to convey human fuss.

“On the Boulevard” is a symbolic picture that was intended to convey all of Malevich’s secret thoughts about whether there is a sense in the existence of a person or not.

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