Description of Frans Sneijders painting “Vegetable Shop”

Description of Frans Sneijders painting “Vegetable Shop”

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The painting “Vegetable Shop” shows the usual household plot. Three people are depicted - two women and one boy. A young girl came to the vegetable shop to buy groceries. She is dressed in a red puffy sweater, a dark skirt and a white apron, on her head is a beige ladies' hat with wide brim. The seller of goods is dressed in simple clothes - a gray jacket, a green skirt.

One of the main roles assigned to the child. A dark spot that contrasts sharply with the surrounding luxury of the gifts of nature. This is not just a boy, this is a small but already formed robber who is stealing a wallet with money from a young girl. The fertility of mother earth and the poverty of her children - people. The artist brings the figure of a thief, contrasting it with all this wealth, contrasting the whole world.

Human figures are located under a white canopy. To their left is a horse trying to eat a slice of cabbage. Only a small part of the horse’s body is revealed to our eyes. This technique is used by the artist to show the immensity of the canvas - the figures literally cannot fit into the space of the picture. In the background is the city wall.

The foreground of the painting is entirely devoted to vegetables. For the artist, these are not just products, they are gifts of nature that symbolize the generosity and fertility of the Flemish lands. We see that each vegetable is drawn with extraordinary accuracy, with many details. The colors are bright, saturated. Most vegetables are placed in baskets. On the left we see a large wicker basket in which various varieties of cabbage are placed. Below are bulbs, garlic, several large zucchini and roots. Nearby are two basins, but they are clearly not used for household purposes: they are clean, with delicate painting.

Near the saleswoman there are also five small baskets. At the very bottom is a basket with green pea pods. A little higher - mushrooms, several lettuce bushes, carrots; a small basket with gooseberries is also visible.

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