Description of the painting Vasily Surikov "The Old Gardener"

Description of the painting Vasily Surikov

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The painting "The Old Gardener" is an excellent example of a rural portrait. Surikov preferred to paint pictures on historical subjects, but if the master decided to portray a simple rural man, he put his whole soul into this work. Before us is a peasant. His gray-haired, pack-beard and sunburned hair help us understand that this man has lived for quite some years. It is immediately clear that Surikov treats hard peasant labor with warmth and sympathy.

The man has dirty, old clothes. White, belted with a dark rope, shirt, dark wide pants. No shoes, apparently, this is too big a luxury for the poor peasant. The legs are rough, dirty, but confidently stand on the ground.

The man stood against the sun and with his hand tries to cover his eyes from the bright, scorching light. His skin was completely darkened from constant exposure to the sun. At the sight of this peasant, the only question appears: where is he looking? Surikov does not give us an answer to this exciting question. The man's gaze is directed forward, but we do not know what is there. Perhaps he looks around his garden and thinks sadly about how much more work he has to do.

To the right of the human figure are plants. Probably, these are young shoots of root crops, which were carefully planted on the beds. Very soon you will have to go to work again to harvest. Behind the man is a small haystack, which is prudently covered with burlap. Enormous fields and a small island of trees go away, which protects the crop from the winds.

Surikov refused the unreality of the color scheme. All colors are very natural, natural. A careful drawing of the drapery of the fabric gives the picture additional relief.

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