Description of Ilya Mashkov’s Self-Portrait

Description of Ilya Mashkov’s Self-Portrait

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In Moscow art life, Ilya Mashkov appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. He was the author of the creation of the creative association of avant-garde artists, which was called "Jack of Diamonds." His works were exhibited until 1917, until the collapse of the association.

In 1911, "Self-portrait" was born at the very beginning of the author's artistic career. Art historians call his first works the most powerful and popular. Over time, the painter began to write in more traditional styles.

"Self-portrait" appeared during the search for new forms and creative techniques. The canvas belongs to the style of Fauvism.

Looking at the canvas, the viewer will immediately see the features inherent in Fauvism - the artist used simple, but rich color solutions, the forms are built in an expressive and bright color, all the outlines of the figure are generalized and underlined at the same time. We cannot find chiaroscuro and linear perspective in the picture. It seems that the picture is painted as if the background is her sign at the fair. Before the viewer appear steamboats, bright waves of a bluish color, not real, but decorative, sailboats.

A painter is looking at us from the canvas, as if admiring himself, self-confident with an arrogant look. He is dressed in a not very cheap fur coat, hat. We see his self-confident pose, dandy mustache. If we did not know that the picture depicts a painter, that this is his self-portrait, one would think that Mashkov painted a portrait of a rich master.

When looking at the Self-Portrait, the viewer will create a mood with a sense of celebration, slightly elevated. Mashkov has always been considered a practical person with a positive outlook, very active. Therefore, looking at his works, we do not stand aside, we get through them his spirit of optimism and joy, we are charged with the author’s love for life.

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