Description of the painting by Nikolai Andreev “V. I. Lenin

Description of the painting by Nikolai Andreev “V. I. Lenin

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Portrait of the great Russian leader "V. Andreev in 1922. The author of the picture was inspired by the image of Lenin, the strength of his personality, unbending will, and also an incredible oratory. Lenin led hundreds of people, and Andreev was no exception, having painted many of his portraits.

Unlike most artists who prefer to portray Lenin in black and white colors, the author chose warm beige tones for his creation. The portrait does not look as sharp and aggressive as other similar paintings.

Lenin is depicted with a proudly raised head, a stern and resolute look. A strong emphasis is placed on the face, which is distinguished by elaboration and detail, while the background and clothes remain monophonic. Frowning thick eyebrows, pursed lips, strong-willed chin - the artist masterfully conveys the image of an unbending personality, but at the same time does not depart from the original and does not lend itself to improvisation. The great Russian leader looks at his state and leads the masses. The desire for control and general order is felt at first glance cast at the picture.

It is noteworthy that Andreev used the contours, as if by all available means, tried to show the "incompleteness" of the drawing. The painting style is not very strong and realistic. Perhaps the artist deliberately wanted to present this picture as a kind of non-existent symbol of rigor, discipline and iron will, and not convey with the help of paints and canvas a living person with his weaknesses and problems.

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