Description of the painting by Ivan Nikitin "Portrait of Chancellor Golovkin"

Description of the painting by Ivan Nikitin

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Art historians have been arguing for a long time about this picture, some still doubt it, but still, most say that it was this work of art that brought the artist maximum fame. Indeed, the portrait of Golovkin is not just a home secular portrait, which was created only to capture the appearance of the next secular person. No, the peculiarity of this creation is that it was created immediately upon the arrival of the artist from Italy, where he was able to learn a lot, rethink a lot. If we compare his previous portraits with a portrait of Golovkin, we see how much more confidence has become in them, Nikitin’s handwriting and his self-expression through the canvas have intensified.

The person depicted on the canvas is none other than a Russian count named G.I. Golovkin. He was quite close to the tsar, the vice-chancellor of Russia. The count was able to achieve all this thanks to his extraordinary cunning and dexterity. It is these features that are so clearly visible in the picture. In addition, the viewer can read in his eyes the bright fire of the mind. Indeed, it’s not enough to be cunning and savvy, you need to have deep knowledge to make such a career.

On the back of the portrait you can still read the inscription that this person during her tenure as vice chancellor was able to conclude 72 international treaties.

First of all, the count's face is striking in the portrait, with his firm and resolute gaze, from which, it seems, is absolutely impossible to hide. Interesting is the contrast between the silver wig and the richly black background that frames the silhouette.

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