Description of the painting by Alexei Kharlamov "Sisters"

Description of the painting by Alexei Kharlamov

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Portraits and simple, everyday scenes from the life of children were a favorite theme of the brush of Alexei Kharlamov. No exception - the picture "Sisters". The author was able to capture the elegance of gestures and the appearance of young girls thanks to the technique perfected to perfection and the impeccable delicate coloring of the canvas.

The portrait depicts two sisters holding a doll. The beautiful regular features of almost angelic faces continue to delight critics and art lovers to this day. The younger sister with charming blonde hair looks directly at the viewer. The soft light of her curious and gullible eyes touches and leaves a feeling of warmth on the soul. A girl’s cross is worn around the girl’s neck, worn by the caring hands of her mother or grandmother, a frequent attribute of a simple and respectable Christian family.

The elder sister meekly lowered her gaze. She easily hugs the youngest child on the shoulder - a sweet, unobtrusive gesture of nursing care. Her long brown hair falls freely on a white shirt in a folk style. A beautiful contrast creates a scarlet scarf with a Russian pattern and an elbow. Favorite doll dressed in a delicate turquoise dress, which may have been sewn by the girls themselves.

The palette of work is quite restrained and harmonious, does not distract from the images of its heroines. Basically, these are brown, gray and beige tones gradually turning into each other. The composition of the picture is simple, the artist does not want to pile up unnecessary objects and details, because the focus is on the sincere, immediate beauty of youth.

Realism is a popular style during the work of Kharlamov. Indeed, the picture is similar to a photograph; the canvas turned out to be so reliable and correct in terms of proportions and chiaroscuro. A subtle vision and the ability to notice the touching good-naturedness and cleanliness of children made the author a popular portrait painter of young people.

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