Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin "Yellow Christ"

Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin

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It is easy to guess that the picture “Yellow Christ” contains a religious connotation. However, both society and critics disagree - whether it was a challenge to the clergy and the entire Christian world, or a desperate call to clear the curtain of indifference.

The centerpiece of the composition is the traditional plot of the crucified Christ. Jesus is surrounded by a Breton landscape and peasants. No one seems to notice the suffering of the Son of God, his torment and the sacrifice made in the name of the salvation of mankind. People are indifferent, doing their daily business.

The effect of indifference only enhances the unusual color scheme. The main role in color is given to bright yellow shades. These are endless solar fields and - oddly enough - Jesus himself. This technique blurs the “boundaries” between the protagonist of the picture and the background.

While the canvas should clearly demonstrate the mismatch of the heroes, the author deliberately emphasizes the detachment of people. Christ seems to remain invisible, they do not attach any importance to him, and life goes on.

It is also interesting that yellow is a frequent symbol of the wisdom of the spirit, holiness and divine blessing. It resembles a frozen sunlight that warms and gives life. This interpretation creates additional conflict with the plot of the picture, causes bewilderment and makes you think.

Work on the theme of religion and faith is an infrequent phenomenon in Gauguin. But obviously, when the author takes on such a canvas, he has something to say. The artist uses unconventional techniques, innovation and symbolism. This approach cannot but cause a backlash. Is this not the main goal of art - to convey your thoughts and feelings, convey them to people and at least try to change the world for the better?

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