Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Two Princes”

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “Two Princes”

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This picture I. The plot is connected with the glorious courageous pages of Russian history - the whole essence of the Russian people, their unbending power and strength are merged into this deep image of the Russian land, its vast, boundless spaces and will.

In the right part of the picture, in the depths of it, between the river bank (in the foreground) and overhanging clouds, dark clouds that are mixed with dark dense smoke, a huge conflagration is visible. There burns a settlement set on fire by enemy hordes (judging by the costumes) of the Mongol Tatars. On the river, near the shore near the fire, a couple of small boats. There are no people in them - apparently no one was left in the settlement: someone died, someone was taken prisoner.

It is symbolic that the wind drives these dark, formidable clouds along with black smoke towards the opposite high shore. Like clouds of enemies striving to capture all of Russia, defeat it.

A wide river is the boundary between good and evil. Her waves are restless, resist the invasion. These formidable dark clouds are reflected in the ripples of the river, and the waves seem to be trying to disperse them.

In the left part of the picture, on a high hill there are two horsemen: the prince himself and his son, who is ten to twelve years old. Prince in chain mail, a helmet on his head. The wind blows a scarlet cloak behind him. The prince with his hand points to the opposite shore, to the conflagration, so that his son remembers this sad picture, says: “Remember what you see, don’t be afraid, we will win! Do not surrender to the enemy, beat him, son! ”

Glazunov in this story embodied one of his most important ideas; the inextricable link of generations, their continuity from father to son. We must remember our whole history - tragic and victorious, any: this is our story, whatever it may be. Remembering our history, we are invincible, and Russia will not perish, but always rushes to the future, which no one can take from it.

The hill with two princes is protected by a high, strong fortress wall, on one of the watch towers of which the Russian flag is fluttering, and on the other the dome of the chapel is visible. Faith and Homeland are single, indivisible concepts. This is what leads to victory.

And a little away from the princes, Russian soldiers hid for the time being. They are only waiting for a signal to shout “Hooray!” rush into battle and expel the enemy from their native land.

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