Description of the painting Giotto di Bondone "Bringing to the Temple"

Description of the painting Giotto di Bondone

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The Italian artist Giotto di Bone depicted bringing to the temple of Christ. Giotto is a Western European painter of the Middle Ages. The artist never adhered to the canons of painting of that time. He became the first artist in history who introduced realism into his works.

Giotto’s storyline series is based on biblical stories. It is them with a high degree of realism that the artist represents in his works. From a feathery glance, the picture reveals its content to the viewer. You can immediately realize the nature and role of the characters, to catch the essence of the depicted action. The composition is multi-figured. The main action is accompanied by several side episodes, which creates a special background to the plot. The image is made in soft warm yellow-orange, purple tones.

The painting was painted between 1320 and 1325. To the left of the altar is a young Mary, who, with emotion and trembling, handed the baby into the hands of an old man. The depicted anxious feeling of Mary betrays all the grief of the experiences of the Mother of God for the fate of her child. Behind Mary stands Joseph, holding two pigeons, as a symbol of the offering to the temple.

To the right of the altar is Simeon the God-Receiver, who carefully holds the baby Jesus Christ in his arms. He stands on the threshold of the New Testament, which he cannot cross. Simeon tells Mary from the whole Old Testament humanity a prophecy about the weapon that will pass into her soul. The words spoken by him became a prayer and are repeated every vespers. The baby extends his little pen to his mother, as if he would ask her to pick it up.

Behind the old man is Anna the Prophetess. She has a long scroll in her hand. She watches with experience what is happening and announces Mary and Joseph about the danger and the need to save the child. Ahead of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus will flee to Egypt.

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