Description of the painting by Andrea Mantegna “Prayer for the Chalice”

Description of the painting by Andrea Mantegna “Prayer for the Chalice”

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This picture depicts one of the most dramatic and most famous stories from the gospel. We see the moment when Jesus just walked away to pray with his disciples. He is calm and completely does not expect what will happen very soon, In a few moments. The students suspect nothing and sleep. They do not know that one of them turned out to be a traitor, that he is already guarding, so that she will take their Savior. On the horizon are already visible clothes of protection and Judas himself. The guards will inevitably overtake Jesus, but so what. A miracle does not occur. In fear and confusion, the Savior turns his prayer to God. He does not understand what they want to punish him for, because he did nothing wrong to anyone during his stay in the city.

And then a sign appears from heaven from the Most High Father. What does he want to say to his son? Will he save him? Not yet time: only angels hold out the cross to Jesus. This means that he can not escape the grave suffering on earth.

Why are the Savior’s disciples sleeping ... This is a rather symbolic image: the researchers have long understood the dream as a kind of spiritual death, because at that moment the soul leaves the body. She is wandering. The picture abounds with other images - rabbits. They embody some shyness, fear and carnal pleasures. So, the disciples of their Master left, denied him. It is important to note that if there are a lot of rabbits near the feet of the apostles themselves, then they run away from Jesus. This is because Jesus has a divine beginning. Carnal pleasures are alien to him; he is pure in his soul and thoughts. He is unshakable, but the apostles succumbed to fleeting weaknesses.

The picture contains quite bright and bold strokes. The artist approached the work with confidence. This gives the canvas additional energy: quite powerful and inexplicable, and such a large number of characters and allegories surrounds the viewer with an inexplicable feeling of anxiety.

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