Description of the painting by Fedor Alekseev "View of the palace embankment from the Peter and Paul Fortress"

Description of the painting by Fedor Alekseev

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At one time, Alekseev was called an unsurpassed landscape painter, indeed, considering the painting "View of the Palace Embankment from the Peter and Paul Fortress", I want to first note its liveliness and dynamics. Often the work of Alekseev, including this one, was compared with the canvases of the Italian artist Canaletto, who also worked in the genre of urban landscape, but this was only one century earlier.

This work is not in vain called one of the most famous paintings of Alekseev, in which he was able to display his style of writing in full. Before us unfolds a wide and breathtaking panorama of the promenade, which is located next to the palace.

Alekseev’s work is often called the art of the Veda monumental and masterpiece. He took advantage of a rather cunning trick: he combined in one picture what is so breathtaking with a competent correct image. So, we see the clear blue expanse of the river. She is like a mirror, her waters are so pure. The sensation only intensifies due to the fact that the action does not occur, for example, on a gloomy morning and on a cloudy evening, but on a sunny day. In the mirror waters of the river, a blue sky is reflected with snow-white, airy clouds on it.

As for the foreground, the Peter and Paul Fortress is, of course, closest to the viewer. We can only see its wall, but the shape and location of the building accurately indicate its purpose.

If you let your eyes wander somewhere further along the Neva, then he will immediately cling to the huge and magnificent Marble Palace. Separately also depicted is the service department of this building. When Alekseev finished work, everyone was shocked by such a detailed visualization of the area. The image not only looks quite realistic, but also accurately conveys what is placed on this territory in life. For this picture, the artist received the title of academician and popular recognition.

For the work “View of the Palace Embankment from the Peter and Paul Fortress” Alekseev received the title of academician.

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