Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov "Alexander Nevsky"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov

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Mikhail Nesterov was born into a merchant family with strong religious roots. The boy's father in every possible way encouraged his son's desire for painting. At the beginning of Alexander's career, his paintings did not have much success - critics blamed the young artist for the detachment and coldness of his work. The death of Maria's beloved wife was the impetus for the development of Nesterov’s talent. This terrible event and the incredible grief that befell the artist forced him to paint with unprecedented heat. After the death of a loved one, the creator even more went into religion. The main and most famous of his creations are paintings of cathedrals and temples.

The painting by Alexander Nevsky, being an independent work, at the same time served as the basis for the subsequent creation of icon-painting mosaics. The color of the work is typical for Nesterov - dark, muted tones, rare bright bursts - burning wax candles, a golden sunset in the window. This style of writing allowed the artist to correctly emphasize, draw attention to the most significant details - the domes of the church, the frame for which is the window frame; burning candles set in the glory of the Lord.

The hero of the picture bowed his head in front of the icon, in all its appearance - humility and peace. Alexander’s light attire testifies to the purity of his thoughts, his scarlet boots seem to be stained with the blood of defeated enemies. Above the commander’s head is a golden halo naming him the saints of the Russian Orthodox Church. Military attributes, symbols of glory - a sword, helmet, shield - are thrown to his feet, as if not of great importance. The artist focused all his attention on religious symbols. The prince praying in the house church is completely dominated by thoughts of God, and at this moment he renounces his worldly glory. With his right hand, Alexander Nevsky performs the sign of the cross.

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