Description of the painting by Ivan Khrutsky “Girl with fruits”

Description of the painting by Ivan Khrutsky “Girl with fruits”

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Khrutsky managed to depict in his picture the whole depth of a young girl's soul. We see that a spacious meadow near the house is flooded by the sun, it beautifully illuminates the face of the baby, which, despite her age, looks smart enough and even experienced. It seems that the girl has already gone through a lot in her life.

The interesting thing is that, despite her young age, the girl does not look mischievous and restless. On the contrary, even her way of behaving herself is more suitable for an adult. What her appearance only says: a neat parting, a manner of keeping her back, clothes, and even a shawl on her shoulders. A more familiar image is for a woman from twenty years old and above, but not a young lady.

The whole picture speaks of the great inspiration of the artist at the time when it was created. At first glance at her, it seems that the whole process took several hours to lose strength, she harbors such a strong energy. After all, how can you keep the same feeling when working for more than 2-3 months, but no, that's exactly what happened. This work made the artist famous, brought him fame and public recognition.

The artist paid much attention not only to the very image of the girl, but also to her environment. Most likely, the portrait was painted during sunset, because the glare of red lights and the glow on the right side of the picture clearly tell us about the low position of the sun above the ground. The left side of the canvas is already more obscured, because the girl is sitting under a tree, as if hiding from farewell rays. The whole picture looks quite soft, thanks to the game of chiaroscuro masterfully conveyed by the author of the canvas. A bright spot in this part of the picture is only a fruit basket, which the girl grips tightly with her small hands. We see how detailed the artist has drawn every apple, every grape branch. This indicates great skill and ability to create a composition of the canvas.

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