Description of the painting by Alexander Kuprin “Still life with pumpkin”

Description of the painting by Alexander Kuprin “Still life with pumpkin”

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1912; canvas, oil; 89 x 98 State Tretyakov Gallery.

Still lifes of Alexander Vasilievich Kuprin are distinguished by a carefully thought-out composition. All objects are selected and arranged so as to create a harmonious harmony of form and color. Not random chaos, but perfectly ordered, carefully verified order of beauty of everyday things.

In the autumn Still Life with pumpkin, this is remarkably noticeable. The main character of the picture, a red, juicy pumpkin, lurks closer to the background, hiding modestly behind a fold of drapery canvas. Behind her, the lower part of the green oblong fruit is visible. The elongated elegant shape of both pumpkins echoes the peppers in the foreground, the colors are similar: rich green and red, but darker than the pumpkin peel, giving off almost to brown.

It is noteworthy that the game of colors occurs crosswise. In the same way as peppers and a pumpkin located opposite in vertical direction echo, they play shades of burgundy-pink fruits in a round white vase, background elements, a bright color spot on a white tablecloth in front. The choice of white as the leading design color cannot be accidental; all shades of autumn play so lively and relaxed on it. Still life has a depth of space, all objects are voluminous, material, dense.

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