Description of the painting by Alexander Shilov "Nastya"

Description of the painting by Alexander Shilov

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Alexander Shilov was born in the capital of the Russian Federation in 1943. Youth in the postwar years is not a very easy time, but Alexander believed in the best. Starting from the age of 15, he helped the family - got a job as a loader.

The beginning of his career was laid in the House of Pioneers, (such houses in the USSR were located in each district) in a quiet Timiryazevsky district of Moscow. Here, the future artist visited a painting studio. In 1968 he entered the Moscow Art Theater named after V. Surikov. Since 1976 - a member of the Union of Artists. In 1997, Shilov was given a room, which is located near the Kremlin. There he was able to open his personal gallery.

Exhibitions of Russian artist Alexander Shilov today are held not only in the Russian Federation, but also around the world - in Kuwait, Portugal, Japan, France and other countries.

In 2003, the official opening of the new Shilov Gallery took place.

The artist painted mostly portraits, although among his works there are a lot of paintings on landscapes, still lifes, and graphics. The heroes of Shilov's portraits are people of different social strata, of different ages, and appearance. Particular attention is drawn to the images of the elderly.

Shilov’s canvases convey the mood and seem to come to life in front of the audience. They provide inspiration for other people's creativity. In the picture "Nastya" the artist shows the smallest details of clothes, folds, beautiful hands, manicure. A beautiful young girl is looking at us from the canvas. Her blue eyes are a little sad.

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