Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Portrait of a Woman”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Portrait of a Woman”

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Starting from genre sketches and everyday sketches, the artist gradually went to narrowly professional issues - composition and detailing of images, elaboration of form and color. The artist adopted the features of romanticism and love for decorative effects from Bryullov. Collaboration with the Wanderers did not bring moral satisfaction to the artist and he began to create portraits and historical paintings. Transparent breathable texture, colorfulness and attention to detail became the main features of the master's work.

The artist created a whole gallery of female portraits. From the paintings look faces filled with inner beauty and light. Soft transitions of tones give the images amazing liveliness. The master was able to catch the very rare moment when the soul looks out of his eyes ... The most favorite works of the master were portraits of his wife Julia Pavlovna Makovskaya. He was so passionate about her that he painted a number of paintings and sketches of his beloved woman.

Each stroke in the picture speaks of the artist’s love. The portrait was painted in just a few sessions. There is practically no background, only a light background. By this, the artist emphasizes that there is nothing more important than the beloved woman. The whole figure is painted with light, light colors. Every detail has weight and meaning. Flowers on the fabric of the dress echo with a cute bouquet at the shoulder. Soft skin is emphasized by unobtrusive chiaroscuro, and a high hairstyle opens a graceful curve of the neck. A pacified expression on her face with a slight smile suggests that we are facing a happy woman.

Female portraits of Makovsky are spelled out in great detail. The artist invites with him to admire the amazing creation of nature - a woman.

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