Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Foggy Morning"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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The great Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky was born and raised in the Crimea, and from a young age, he loved to see the sea in all its manifestations, considered it to be something native. The romantic attitude to the water element did not leave the artist throughout his life. His works are filled with the power of the boundless expanse of the sea, the artist’s skill in them is combined with the depth of feelings and the seriousness of thoughts. A little underestimated among connoisseurs of art landscape, Aivazovsky brought to a whole new level, putting it on a par with historical paintings.

Many of the master’s works, different in scale and epic depiction, introduce us to the metamorphoses of the sea, transitions from one state to another. Not one generation of people enjoyed the splendor of the elements thanks to the paintings of Aivazovsky, but he created about 6000 works in his life.

In 1840, an artist in Italy became acquainted with the brightest luminaries of Russian culture and science - Gogol, Botkin and many others. Living in Rome, he studies a lot of the works of the great masters of the past, and creates several original sketches and paintings. The Italian sea is depicted in his paintings as an example of the harmony of man and nature. In 1853, he created the painting Foggy Morning, in 11 years there will be a Foggy Morning in Italy and many works devoted only to the elements that wake up after night oblivion. Society in Rome praised the talent of Aivazovsky, he was named the pioneer of the genre of marine painting and he received an award from the hands of the Pope. Then the artist’s talent was also appreciated in the rest of Europe - exhibitions are held in France, England, and the Netherlands. Aivazovsky’s works are the first among the samples of Russian painting that have expanded the collection of the Louvre.

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