Description of the painting by Rembrandt “The Resurrection of Christ”

Description of the painting by Rembrandt “The Resurrection of Christ”

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A special place in the world art culture is occupied by the works of Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn. In one of the periods of his career, the artist turns to writing biblical stories.

Such works include the painting Resurrection of Christ, which was painted by Rembrandt in the period from 1636-1639. This canvas features one of the most mysterious scenes - the resurrection of Jesus. This is a myth or a legend, but each artist was ashamed to convey this event in his own special language.

Rembrandt, creating this work as if seeks to convey to the viewer not just a specific moment, he opens the curtain of this story. People are depicted on the dark side of the canvas: on the left side are the soldiers of Herod, in the corner of the right are two women. Why are such unexpected witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus himself?

The artist portrayed a moment when soldiers were trying to hinder the awakening of the messiah, thereby conveying a piece of the background in which the authorities of Jerusalem fought with the help of the followers of Christ with military force. Confirmation of this is a soldier who is trying to swipe at one of the women, who, clutching her hands in a gesture asking for pardon, sat down on her knees.

The face of the great messiah illuminates the light of an angel sent by God to give people faith. An angel opens the lid of the coffin, and we see an elusive image of a living person who breathes but has passed the gates of death. Only Rembrandt was able to convey Jesus as imperfect as they used to see him before, he was really exhausted and dead, and this can be seen in the face and hand that he laid on the edge of the tomb, apparently in order to lean and stand.

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