Description of the painting by Ivan Argunov “Portrait of Sheremetyeva”

Description of the painting by Ivan Argunov “Portrait of Sheremetyeva”

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Ivan Petrovich Argunov was a serf of Count Sheremetyev. From childhood, he showed a talent for drawing and the count gave the gifted young man to study further art. As a result, when Argunov learned, he began to paint portraits of the Sheremetev family. In his life, Ivan Petrovich Argunov did not feel the need for anything. He was always at a crossroads between two sides: a painter who won fame and recognition on the one hand, a slave who has no right, on the other.

Praskovya Ivanovna did not have many intravital portraits. Only after she passed away did the artist Argunov depict her in three portraits from the chest portrait of Praskovya Ivanovna. A chest portrait was made during her lifetime. One portrait depicts a countess with a small medallion on her chest, where we see an image of Count Nikolai Petrovich Sheremetyev. Praskovya Ivanovna in the picture is dressed in a red shawl. Today this portrait is kept in Kuskovo.

The second portrait is also located in Kuskovo. Praskovya Ivanovna is depicted on it in full growth. These are the last months of her pregnancy. Dressed in a striped red robe. Two portraits are characterized by the expression on her face - subtle, spiritualized, very beautiful. Ivan Petrovich managed to convey the sublime beauty of Praskovya Ivanovna in his characteristic manner.

The third portrait depicts Praskovya Ivanovna in a coffin. The canvas was stored earlier in the Fountain House. After it was disbanded, the painting was transferred to the palace-museum in Ostankino.

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