Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Misha Serov”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Portrait of Misha Serov”

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The portrait of Misha Serov became one of a series of portraits of children made by Valentin Alexandrovich Serov - a Russian artist and one of the main portrait painters of his era.

The main genre in the works of Serov since 1890 was a portrait. In this area, all the features characteristic of his early style showed up - a clear transmission of the psychological state of the people who posed for him. Serov loved when representatives of his circle posed for him - actors, artists and writers (in 1893 he paints a portrait of his close friend Isaac Levitan, then the images of the great writer Leskov and composer Rimsky-Korsakov follow - all the paintings are in the Tretyakov Gallery).

Serov used mainly gray, black and brown tones for his works, which went against the then painting styles, which suggested a bright palette of colors, this was especially noticeable in the 1880s.

The traits inherent in impressionism arose in the compositional construction of a portrait or for perceiving a sense of spontaneous movement. In addition to the modern theory of impressionism for him, Serov studied in detail the works of Hals and Velazquez.

Having become widely known, in 1894 Serov joined the group of so-called Wanderers, and also began to receive important orders, including the portraits of Grand Duke Pavel, S. M. Botkin, Felix Yusupov - the paintings are stored both in the Tretyakov Gallery and in the Russian Museum). The characteristic features of Serov's portraits were truthfulness, compositional skill and masterful performance.

In the sketch, Misha Serov, the artist moved away from his inherent decorative combination of colors, and used the technique of pencil drawing, with its clear lines and the correct geometry of shapes.

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