Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin "Self-portrait"

Description of the painting Konstantin Korovin

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Konstantin Korovin - one of the most prominent artists of the first half of the twentieth century. His works take pride of place in the largest museums in Russia. Thanks to his amazing life energy, all his works were done in bright colors and endowed with a note of festivity. He will undoubtedly immortalize his works - they do not age over the years, the interest of generations does not fall to them, critics and artists to this day have a genuine interest in the entire creative path of Korovin.

A special place is occupied by the artist’s self-portrait. Unlike all the canvases made by him, he is not at all colorful. The portrait shows a tired, completely gray-haired old man with already faded, reddened eyes, a black and brown dirty background behind him, and he is dressed in a dark jacket, which gives his image even greater gloom.

It seems that it is almost impossible to recognize the previous hero of the portrait of Valentin Serov in it, but the nose and shape of the mustache, which has not changed at all, except that it has turned white, gives out the former black-haired handsome man who once radiated vital energy. Yes, it’s not at all the same, but a noble age, emphasized by a whitened head, which, having thinned open the high forehead of an intellectual, a thinner face betrayed a significant aristocracy.

His gaze must be focused on one of his unfinished works, he seems to be saddened, maybe he is afraid not to have time to finish his last work.

Despite its dark tones, the picture radiates warm energy and allows you to feel the depth of Korovin’s creative nature.

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