Description of the painting Georges Seurat "Circus"

Description of the painting Georges Seurat

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The picture "Circus" Sera so could not be finished independently. It took only a little more than a week after the start of the exhibition, and suddenly the message - the artist died. Neo-impressionist Maximilian Luce began to finish the painting. The exact cause of the death of Sera was not found out. According to the diagnoses made by the doctors, he died of several diseases (diphtheria, infectious endocarditis, pneumonia, meningitis).

The composition of the painting “Circus” is not as complicated as that of “Kankan”. The whole composition is mathematically accurate - each point in the picture has its own specific place. All characters (there are more than forty) were placed according to strictly marked blue paint grid. In order to accurately convey the atmosphere of the circus, Sera came here daily, making various sketches: horsewomen, clown hats, which seemed funny to him, Monsieur Luial.

The figure of the clown, which we see in the foreground, is very similar to the figure of the double bass player from the Kankan. At first glance it can be decided that the clown is the organizer of the circus performance, on the other hand, we can take him for an ordinary spectator. A gymnast performing acrobatic stunts on a horse, an acrobat - these characters manage to create a sense of enthusiasm, elation.

We will not see movement in the paintings of Sulfur, the author has always tried to depict only one, a certain moment of movement. As spectators, we can recognize other characters in the artist’s paintings.

A characteristic feature of the canvas is that the artist tried to limit himself to only 3 colors - blue, yellow and red.

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