Description of Thomas Gainsborough's painting “Morning Walk”

Description of Thomas Gainsborough's painting “Morning Walk”

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The canvas was created in 1785. Its dimensions are amazing, the height of the canvas is about 3.9 meters, width - 2.9 meters. Surprisingly, not only the author of the picture is known, but also the names of those who are depicted on it.

The central place on the canvas is occupied by a young couple, walking under the handle in the company of a cheerful white dog. The heroes of the picture were real people - William Hallet and Elizabeth Stephen, the future husband and wife. By the time of writing the canvas, young people were barely 21 years old, they are still very young, inexperienced and therefore innocent. The canvas was created before the wedding and apparently was a wedding gift.

Combining the talent of a portrait painter with the mastery of landscape painting, Thomas Gainsborough portrayed young lovers against a background of a usual forest landscape. The boy and the girl are richly dressed, their costumes are absolutely not suitable for long walks, but they perfectly emphasize the social status and position in society.

The girl’s light dress is richly decorated with ruffles. The subtlety of the waist is emphasized by a black belt. The girl's hair is loose, according to the customs of that time, her head is covered with a wide-brimmed hat with several ostrich feathers. The young man is dressed in a black tailcoat, the floor of which he holds with his left hand. The right hand is bent at the elbow, so that a lady walking next to her could comfortably lean on it. A young man wears a gray wig.

The views of the walking couple are fixed somewhere on the side. With all their appearance, they try to show that what is happening is an ordinary walk, an ordinary action, on which you should not focus attention. A white dog running next to a girl is trying to interest its owners, but he does not succeed. The characters' eyes in the picture are blurred, they enjoy the silence and each other.

The described desire to emphasize everyday life is characteristic not only for Gainsborough's paintings, but also for paintings by other artists of that period. In the XVIII century, such a genre of portraiture was called - “conversation piece”. The National London Gallery stores many paintings written in this genre. One of these canvases is the Morning Walk.

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