Description of the painting Claudius Lebedev "The Baptism of Kiev"

Description of the painting Claudius Lebedev

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Claudius Vasilyevich Lebedev came from a simple peasant family. Since childhood, the young artist showed interest in the history of the Fatherland and church subjects. Then he painted the walls and domes of the cathedrals, painted icons and illustrated the Bible. For many years he taught the basics of painting to young talents.

Lebedev wrote his works in the style of realism. Many of his paintings reflect the life of Russian boyars, features and way of life. In addition, Claudius Vasilievich made a huge number of drawings based on folk tales. The artist maintained a long-term cooperation with various print media, where his works were published.

Among his famous paintings distinguish "Baptism of Kiev." The work illustrates one of the most important events in the history of the state - the adoption of Christianity by the Russian people. The central figure of the painting is Prince Vladimir. Around him crowded elders with icons, a cross is visible behind them. Many people plunged into the waters of the river. Among the gathered children and adults, and the elderly.

Reflected events are dated 988. This period was officially recognized as the stage of the formation of religion in Russia. However, it would be more accurate to consider this only the beginning of the process, since the adoption of the faith and its canons continued for several more years after the baptism of Prince Vladimir.

For a long time, everywhere Christianity met with the resistance of the people. The reason for this was feudal fragmentation and unwillingness to obey one prince. However, after almost 50 years, the first churches begin to appear everywhere.

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