Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "The Pauper"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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The painting "Beggar" came out from under the brush of the artist in 1874. The painting was painted by young Repin in the city of Vel, in France. Cultural experts of the whole world recognize the painting as the best creation of the artist’s youth period.

Despite the intensified struggle of the State Tretyakov Gallery for the right to include the “Beggar” in his exposition, the painting is in the Regional Art Museum of Irkutsk. The canvas has been hunted for a long time. The director of the museum in Irkutsk deceived a masterpiece from restorers from the Tretyakov Gallery. Miraculously, he managed to escape punishment.

The canvas is written from nature. Then Repin spent a lot of time painting outdoors. Poor French girls often posed for various creators for a fee. Thus, they received crumbs, allowing at least somehow to live. Later, in correspondence with an old friend, Ilya mentions a model. Discontent slips in the lines. The girl posed very badly: twitched and outraged. However, the master was able to discern behind all this a subtle soul and the true state of things. The portrait turned out to be complex, deep, very completed. The artist spent little time creating it, he was so enthusiastic about the idea.

The girl is depicted with a fishing net in her hands. The drawing is very small, detailed. Tanned, with burnt eyebrows and weathered skin, the girl is filled with a whole range of emotions. Paints selected discreet, dark. However, the choice of color scheme did not affect the liveliness of the picture. Many experts say that this particular work allowed Repin to take place as a brilliant portrait painter.

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