Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Muse"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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Mikhail Vrubel is a prominent representative of Russian decorative Art Nouveau, his works are still perceived ambiguously, but do not leave anyone indifferent. The style of deliberate decor, falling asleep to the canvas not just with large strokes, but with multi-colored, sometimes incongruous color crystals, which were especially influenced by the long emotionally loaded work for theatrical performances, with its special fine-grained plastic, often consciously or accidentally devoted to the paintings, the feeling of incompleteness - all this It excites the imagination and feelings of the audience, and each creates its own extraordinary idea of ​​the author’s intention, of the origin of each image.

A special place in the work of Vrubel is occupied by female images transferred to canvases from literary works or the imagination of the author. The muse for the artist has always been his beloved Nina Zabela, and Vrubel’s creations inherited from her a wrong elongated oval face, large eyes and thin sensual hands.

The same mysterious and strange appears before the viewer Muse, written in 1896. Emeralds of huge eyes, a ginger storm of curly hair extending beyond the edge of the canvas, both fascinate and arouse suspicion, as if this unearthly creature knew some important secret. But the beautiful dress detailed in detail, the nervous long fingers and the armrest of the old chair give her a vulnerable earthly origin, and the pale surroundings of the dying autumn nature emphasizes the painful search for a real artist, the fleeting being and the invincible eternity of beauty and art.

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