Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli "Portrait of a Young Woman"

Description of the painting by Sandro Botticelli

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In the years of his life, Sandro Botticelli was a famous artist, who was often consulted with portraits. One of those who wanted to order a portrait was Simonetta, one of the most beautiful women of the Renaissance. "Portrait of a Young Woman" from 1476-1480 is considered one of the successful portraits of the artist.

The beauty of Simonetta amazed many artists and princes, during her lifetime she was nicknamed "Incomparable." It was believed that it was Simonetta who became the model for the painting “The Birth of Venus”. Simonetta died at a young age, but for many people she served as a symbol of eternal youth for several centuries after her death.

In Portrait of a Young Woman, the artist follows the traditional manner of Filippo Lippi - he returns to the image of a strict profile with an elegant silhouette.

"Portrait of a young woman" allows you to consider the beauty of a girl, which the artist emphasized with numerous ribbons and pearls in a braid. Simonetta's face expresses calm, in some moments you can catch notes of sadness. She looks into the distance with thoughtful eyes, which does not allow the viewer to unravel or guess what the model is thinking. Her narrow lips reflect inner restraint.

The portrait depicts a dark room with a window in which only the sky can be seen. It is here a symbol of the unmarried position of a girl.

The Vespucci family, of which the girl was born, was famous in those days for its wealth. But besides this, Vespucci was known to everyone thanks to the grace and intelligence of family members, which can be noted on the portrait of Botticelli.

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