Description of the painting by Francois Boucher "Bathing Diana"

Description of the painting by Francois Boucher

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The creative biography of the great artist Francois Boucher is rich in a variety of paintings, but even among them you can find the most popular, respected and adored by the public works. These include his work Bathing Diana.

The Olympic goddess of unprecedented beauty appeared in the artist's work in the form of the most beautiful enchantress, who seemed to stop for a few minutes to relax after another hunting game near the stream. It should be noted here that the author of the work did not seek to exactly repeat those Greek myths that were composed at that time about Diana.

This suggests that Bush was not interested in mythology as a story or as a legend of the world. He used and drew knowledge in order to portray the goddess with her femininity and beauty as best and beautifully as possible. This can be understood by looking at Diana’s eyes alone. Therefore, Diana's Bathing is tenderness. The heroine of the artist’s work lives here in order to give care and delight to everyone who needs them.

Therefore, this painting by Francois Boucher is one of the paintings of the Rococo art. What is noteworthy - despite the fact that Boucher was a professional and artist from God, the picture was not accepted by critics. But she was loved and appreciated at one time by the great impressionist Auguste Renoir.

In most of his paintings, Bush was fond of female naked bodies, ideal in their beauty. During his creative life, he developed this direction so much that no one could compete with him in this or compete with him. Critics and experts on his work noted that the women he portrayed had perfectly drawn wrists. Ankles, feet and skin. Therefore, the pictures turned out to be so magical and attractive, but especially attracted male representatives to them.

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