Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Sailboats”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Sailboats”

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The painting by Ivan Aivazovsky Sailboats incorporates all the most favorite techniques, techniques and plots of the outstanding marine painter. Here, the sea is swaying, and the sky is covered with dark heavy clouds and light cirrus clouds already warmed by the sun, and sailboats, confidently taking off on the crests of still restless waves.

The sea in the foreground is made with almost black colors, which emphasizes the power and danger of the elements, but towards the center of the picture the wave collects still weak sunlight and just about on its strong foamy palms will throw the ship towards the breaking sun. He is not visible in the picture, but the whole canvas is already charged with his energy and strength, the ship fearlessly confronts a dying storm, and the calm postures of the people at the stern emphasize their confident unity with a reliable ship and nature.

Aivazovsky writes most of his works in oil, but the technique of depicting sea depths and clouds was brought by the artist to such perfection, lightness and transparency, that to many at first glance they seemed watercolor. The master always worked easily and quickly, in one session he could finish the picture completely. Even at the age of 80, working on a huge canvas Among the waves, whose area was more than 12 square meters, Aivazovsky completed it in ten days.

The realism, accuracy of the transmission of all the nuances and the stormy elements, and the light swell on the lunar path, and the foamy waves of the falling wave impressed even the most eminent painters who had a chance to get acquainted with his work during Aivazovsky’s life. The famous British watercolorist William Turner, having seen several paintings, wrote him an enthusiastic and touching poem, in which he sincerely praised the skill of the Russian marine painter, and at the end attributed his apology that he took the picture for reality, was so fascinated by it and the power of the inspiring artist genius.

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