Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich "The Rite of Spring"

Description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich

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The painting was painted in 1945, which means not just spring, but a victory over a terrible and bloody war. Roerich is distinguished in this picture by a radiant, bright radiance. This is a real Russian spring, the triumph of peace over the war. All the heroes of the canvas are depicted in bright clothes, these are girls. Real Russian beauties who lead a round dance. In its center stands their chosen one, a girl with a long, below the waist, dark braid, in which yellow flowers are woven. In her hands she holds a whole garland of yellow, like little suns, inflorescences similar to dandelions. On the heads of all the girls in the round dance there are wreaths of the same flowers.

The bright clothes of the participants in the round dance are lined with red ornament below, indicating old Slavic customs. And next to them, men and young boys are sitting, resting. Someone plays the flute for girls, someone just looks at their joyful dance. A round dance is led around a large stone, and the central one stands on a stone. On the hill where the dance takes place, dandelions bloom everywhere. In the background, the river begins, its light blue surface is flat, without a single wave.

It seems that dawn has just arrived, because people are still in the shadows, and in some places there are already bright glare of the sun, yellow and juicy. On the right side, trees grow, forming a small forest on the side of the mountain. In the background you can see the mountain, also green, like the grass in the foreground. The sky here is light, almost gray, everything speaks of an early morning. Early morning at the time of the triumph of spring over winter, peace over war.

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