Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “On the seashore”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Korovin “On the seashore”

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No matter what Konstantin Korovin writes, each of his paintings is perceived as a holiday. Streets, the sea, still lifes, figures of people - all these familiar subjects Korovin skillfully transforms in his paintings. In the 1910s he was most interested in still lifes. At this time, a still life literally bursts into the work of many painters. In his work, the artist followed the principles of decorative impressionism, which can be seen on this canvas. Having rented a house in Gurzuf for a while, Korovin paints flowers, in particular roses.

Still life "On the Seashore" of 1910 is part of the landscape, which is complemented by the golden sun and sea cliffs. Korovin captivates the viewer with an imaginary incompleteness of work. This is created by brush strokes.

Lush roses in a vase were placed on a table with a white and pink tablecloth. Flowers shimmer in the rays of the bright sun. Korovin does not rub the paint. From it, he creates a whole composition: flower petals, a plate with berries, a glass, waves and rocks in the background of the canvas.

Korovin follows this principle in order to create a viewer with a sense of reality of what is happening here and now. Looking at the still life, a feeling is created that the paint did not have time to dry. Konstantin Korovin masterfully animates objects in his still lifes. Thanks to the texture of the image, you involuntarily begin to feel the aroma of roses, the sea, the sounds of gulls and the quiet conversation of people admiring the Crimean nature.

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