Description of the painting by Aleksey Kivshenko “Life”

Description of the painting by Aleksey Kivshenko “Life”

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Alexey Kivshenko was born in the family of the serf count Sheremetyev in the village of Serebryanye Prudy, Tula province, but thanks to the numerous talents of his father and the favorable attitude of the count himself, the boy began to develop his talent for painting early in the St. Petersburg Drawing School. Then, while studying at the Academy of Arts, to receive a retirement trip, he writes to order his famous Military Council at Fili, which glorified him as a master of expressive compositions and historical plausibility.

Kivshenko worked great not only with oil, but also with watercolors, which he performed most of his many illustrations for literary works in print. His battle scenes, hunting scenes, exposition of various historical events in Russia and Europe are always distinguished by a special rich color, natural images and harmonious presentation of characters in different landscapes.

With special trepidation and love, the artist paints pictures with scenes of rural life. The artist especially succeeds in painting Zhnitvo, depicting peasant children carrying lunch for reapers on the field. Most of the picture is occupied by a clear blue sky, dried to a dazzling brightness by the hot summer sun, and high dense wheat, a golden wall rising above the heads of children walking slowly along the path. The simple outfits of the children, rare wildflowers, a dried bush on the edge of the field look so picturesque that they seem to be precious stones on expensive embroidered outfits. Faces of summers are carefree and cheerful, they peer into the distance busily and quietly discuss something.

For his contribution to Russian painting, Aleksey Kivshenko was awarded several gold and silver medals, received the title of academician, and headed the battle department at the art school. By style of work, he was closest to the Russian progressive Wanderers.

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