Description of the painting by Edgar Degas "Star"

Description of the painting by Edgar Degas

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Brilliant, semi-airy .... Ballet has always inspired the great geniuses of art to create unfading masterpieces. And just as Pushkin in a few lines conveyed all his admiration for the elegance and beauty of the ballerina, so Degas managed to capture in a static picture the moment of the ballerina soaring in the wake of fame and applause of the public. She is alone in the focus of the picture, she is seized with the enthusiasm of her art and it seems that she is about to take off on an invisible stream of music and applause. Only pointe touches the scene and, like an unearthly creature, does not even cast a shadow. Without drawing the surrounding interior details - rough floorboards or heavy curtain fabric - the artist deliberately separated the dancer from earthly reality. The ballerinas in the background seemed to freeze in the autumn forest, and the ramp light, enveloping prima with a soft glow, rushes into the depths of the stage and freezes in imaginary blue clouds.

And only the stately figure of a man in an expensive black suit, traced in a respectable observational pose, as if deliberately heavy and out of place in this aerial decoration of the dancer's success. This is a fan or philanthropist, and obviously not without his help, prima today bathes in glory. His confidence in his position and pragmatism does not forget about the behind-the-scenes intrigues and hard work of the ballerinas on the way to the long-awaited, but too fleeting recognition.

All Degas' works on ballet are permeated with sympathy and admiration for the perseverance and courage of these fragile women. He, like no one else, always managed to remind how much work, misfortune, trauma, and sometimes death on the stage are behind the created beautiful images. And the audience will applaud, and she will smile and bow to her in grateful curtsy, and after the performance will make her patron happy, and only the beam of the ramp will bear the tears of happiness and pain of the ballet prima in eternity.

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