Description of the painting by Gustave Courbet "Self-portrait with a black dog"

Description of the painting by Gustave Courbet

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Frenchman Gustave Courbet in the course of his creative development moves from romanticism to realism. The paintings in both genres are equally interesting and valuable. The artist worked in a romantic direction, creating his own portrait with a dog. After completion, the canvas of 1841 will receive the name "Self-portrait with a black dog."

At a fairly young age - 21 years old, G. Courbet writes a self-portrait of a confident artist. The young man’s gaze even reads proud self-confidence. This maximalism of the painter does not spoil the picture.

It is hard to deny the beauty of a young French artist. His features are harmonious, pleasant. The face is framed by lush black curls.

You can see in the image of a young man an inquisitive natural scientist. On his head is a large, wide-brimmed hat that obscures his eyes. He is dressed modestly, but neatly and elegantly. Gustave sits in the lap of nature, on the grass near the rocks themselves. In the distance, trees, mountains and sky are visible. This depicts the area in the area of ​​the French commune of Ornans. Near the young painter lies a thick folder with drawings.

Apparently the black dog was presented to him the day before. The wavy hair of the dog perfectly echoes the curly hair of the author of the portrait. This amazing harmony in a combination of flora, fauna and human nature attracts.

Courbet painted himself on canvas with oil. The technique of portraying a portrait deserves an excellent mark. The aspiring painter was able to correctly build the perspective, verified to determine the proportions of all objects of the composition. As for color, the portraitist did not stint in choosing a variety of shades. The rock behind the man’s figure gleams beautifully in the sun. The blue sky is covered with feathers of clouds.

Gustave Courbet created a plastic picture with the image of the mysterious prince, who has the right to take his place among the greatest artists.

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