Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Visit of the poor”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Makovsky “Visit of the poor”

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Vladimir Makovsky possessed remarkable talent and a subtle sense of humor. Many of his works make you smile, even if your heart is heavy and sad. However, not all humor. The artist’s works are based on deep philanthropy and compassion. Faced with humiliation, indifference, neglect of people, the master reacted sharply and eagerly.

Such an attitude of Makovsky, as well as possible, is reflected in the painting “Visit of the Poor”, published in 1874. The main characters of the picture are radically different status and affluence. On one side is a rich lady dressed in furs and jewels. Behind her stands a servant overflowing with arrogance. The footman scornfully looks around. The wretched atmosphere of the room is unpleasant to those present. Only a young girl is amazed and filled with sympathy. They arrived to help a needy family. However, their impulse is devoid of sincerity. This is nothing more than a tribute to the far-fetched fashion of the time. In the foreground are a woman and a child, their heads bowed in a pretended courteous pose. The head of the family frantically puts on his best, but already worn coat. The poor are humiliated, exhausted and feel the bitterness of their existence against the background of the rich arrived.

The work is filled with indignation and expresses the artist's attitude to glaring injustice. Social inequality, hypocrisy, a negative attitude towards the poor - all this is put together on the canvas. Such behavior is not only unable to pull ordinary people out of poverty, but also causes them deep mental pain. You can get acquainted with the picture by visiting the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

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