Description of the painting by Alexander Shilov "Mashenka"

Description of the painting by Alexander Shilov

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Contemporary Russian artist A. Shilov painted portraits of his daughter with great love. So tragically happened that the daughter Mashenka passed away before her father. But as he painted it from early childhood, he continued to paint portraits after the death of his daughter, imagining her grown and very beautiful. The tragedy happened when Masha Shilova was only 16 years old.

The portrait of "Mashenka Shilova" was created in 1983. Then the artist’s daughter was 4 years old. The picture was bright and joyful. Nothing foreshadowed future misfortune. Masha is sitting on a chair in an elegant dress, holding a toy teddy bear in her hands. With her chubby little hands, she presses a furry friend to herself. With kindness and spontaneity, the girl looks straight at the viewer.

Despite her very young age, Mashenka is clearly aware of her girlish attractiveness. Her posture is straight, proud. Regrown hair falls off the shoulders and shimmers in the glare of light. A smart, smiling face adorns a healthy glow. Blue eyes shine joyfully.

Alexander Shilov paid a lot of attention to the surrounding interior. The back of the wooden chair is decorated with marvelous carved elements. The leg of a luxurious table and the gilded picture frame fall into view. The background is a green wall.

Masha is dressed in an elegant satin dress with lace. Everything in this portrait delights, attracts and pleases. Viewers can feel the parental warmth, care and sincere love with which Shilov wrote his daughter.

The picture is painted in pastel. Thanks to this unique technique, the colors on the canvas gently shimmer, giving the image depicted on it amazing realism. A beautiful creature looks at us from a portrait - the pure soul of a happy child.

The painting "Mashenka Shilova" is in the artist’s personal gallery, next to the Kremlin.

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