Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Sketch of the fireplace"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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“Mikula Selyaninovich and Volga” is the author’s name for the ceramic fireplace, which Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel created for two years. However, the full cycle of its creation dates back to much earlier times.

By order of Mamontov, a prominent artist and collector of the late nineteenth century, Mikhail Vrubel created picturesque panels depicting historical, epic plots, which, in turn, served as the basis for the ceramic product created later. The picturesque panel is based on an epic tale of Mikulushka and Volga, who met each other during Volga's journey for a tribute on a prince's behalf.

Mikula Selyaninovich is a true hero, whose strength truly surprises Volga. Naturally, the hero invites Mikul to escort him to that large city where he is to collect tribute. The ceramic fireplace depicts a conversation between two epic heroes, their opposition: the power of Mikula is a gift of the holy land, and the witching abilities of Volga are a supernatural gift.

Watercolor, ink and gouache were used by the master to write an auxiliary sketch. The story of the epic is decorated with ornate patterns, a fabulous, colorful ornament. Subsequently, the fireplace itself was decorated using the majolica genre technique. It is known that Vrubel was seriously interested in working with ceramics and was interested not only in its painting, but also in the direct creation, manufacture of a mixture of clay, modeling. Moreover, the fireplace created by Vrubel is distinguished by a special “nationality”, due to the epic plot at its core, the use of folk techniques for manufacturing and coating the product, as well as the great warmth that Mikhail Alexandrovich put into his brainchild.

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